Immunotherapy Alert

Immunotherapy Alert

Immunotherapies used for cancer treatment are designed to elicit &/or amplify an immune response to help fight tumour growth and spread.

Immunotherapy can also cause the immune system to attack normal organs and tissue which can be associated with immune related adverse reactions that involve the lungs, intestines, liver, kidneys, hormone glands, and other organs, as well as infusion-related reactions. Early diagnosis and appropriate management are essential to minimise these effects.

Please visit the electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC) website via the below link for more information:

– eMC home page:

Specific immunotherapy management guidelines:

– Opdivo/Nivolumab:

– Keytruda/Pembrolizumab:

– Yervoy/Ipilimumab:

Immunotherapy Alert Cards (see image below) will be distributed to patients receiving immunotherapy treatment across Gippsland.